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An In-depth Look at the Top Apps to Stream Games on the Steam Deck

Greetings, gaming enthusiasts! Are you excited about the upcoming release of the Steam Deck? This revolutionary handheld gaming device promises to redefine how we experience video games. One of its most impressive features is its ability to stream games from various platforms, allowing you to play your favorite titles on the go. In this article, we will explore seven steam deck streaming apps that will take your gaming experience to the next level. Let’s dive in!


The Steam Deck has created quite a buzz in the gaming community, and for good reason. Its powerful hardware and versatile design make it an ideal choice for gamers who want to enjoy their favorite titles wherever they go. With the ability to stream games, the possibilities are endless.

In this introduction, we will discuss the basics of steam deck streaming apps. We will explore what they are, how they work, and why they are beneficial for gamers. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What are Steam Deck Streaming Apps?

Steam Deck streaming apps are software applications that enable you to play games on your Steam Deck by streaming them from a remote device, such as your gaming PC or the cloud. These apps take advantage of the Steam Deck’s built-in Wi-Fi and robust processing power to deliver a seamless gaming experience.

How do Steam Deck Streaming Apps work?

The streaming apps utilize the Steam Deck’s powerful hardware to connect to a remote device running the game. They capture the gameplay and transmit it over a network, allowing you to control the game using the Steam Deck’s controls. The remote device does all the heavy lifting, while the Steam Deck serves as a portable display and input device.

Why Should Gamers Use Steam Deck Streaming Apps?

There are several advantages to using steam deck streaming apps. Let’s take a closer look:

Advantages of Steam Deck Streaming Apps 😄

1. Expanded Game Library: With streaming apps, you gain access to a vast library of games that may not be available natively on the Steam Deck.

2. Portability: Stream your games to the Steam Deck and take them with you wherever you go, without the need to carry around a bulky gaming PC.

3. Graphics Performance: Since the game is being streamed from a more powerful device, you can enjoy high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay on the Steam Deck.

4. Seamless Transition: Switch between playing on your gaming PC and the Steam Deck without any interruption. Your progress and settings are synced, allowing for a seamless gaming experience.

5. Game Preservation: Streaming apps allow you to play older games that may not be supported on modern hardware, ensuring their preservation for future generations.

6. Multiplayer Flexibility: Play local multiplayer games with friends by streaming the game to multiple Steam Decks, creating a truly portable multiplayer experience.

7. Cost-Efficiency: By utilizing your existing gaming PC or a cloud gaming service, you can save money by not having to purchase games multiple times for different platforms.

Disadvantages of Steam Deck Streaming Apps 😔

1. Internet Connection Dependency: Streaming games requires a stable and fast internet connection. Without it, you may experience latency issues and degraded image quality.

2. Input Lag: Due to the nature of streaming, there may be a slight delay between your input on the Steam Deck and the corresponding action in the game.

3. Limited Control Support: Some games may not fully support the Steam Deck’s controls when streamed, resulting in a less optimized gameplay experience.

4. Quality Depends on Remote Device: The performance and graphical fidelity of the game heavily rely on the capabilities of the remote device running the game.

5. Subscription Costs: Utilizing cloud gaming services may require a subscription, adding an additional cost to your gaming expenses.

6. Data Usage: Streaming games consumes data, so if you have a limited data plan, be mindful of your usage to avoid exceeding your data cap.

7. Potential Compatibility Issues: Certain games may not be compatible with streaming apps due to DRM restrictions or other technical limitations.

Steam Deck Streaming Apps Comparison Table

App Supported Platforms Features Price
App 1 PC, Xbox, PlayStation High-quality streaming, customizable controls Free
App 2 PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch Low-latency streaming, cross-platform play $9.99/month
App 3 PC, Xbox 4K streaming, HDR support $14.99/month
App 4 PC Game library access, cloud saves Free with in-app purchases
App 5 PC, PlayStation Remote play, voice chat Free with optional subscription
App 6 PC, Nintendo Switch Low-latency gameplay, touch controls $4.99/month
App 7 PC, Xbox, PlayStation Stream to multiple devices, multiplayer support $19.99/month

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I stream games to the Steam Deck from any platform?

Yes, as long as the streaming app supports the platform you want to stream from, you can play games from various platforms on the Steam Deck.

2. Does streaming games affect the battery life of the Steam Deck?

Streaming games can consume more battery power compared to playing games natively on the Steam Deck, as it requires a constant network connection and processing power for decoding the stream.

3. Are there any specific router requirements for streaming games to the Steam Deck?

While there are no specific router requirements, it is recommended to have a router that supports a stable and fast Wi-Fi connection to ensure a smooth streaming experience.

4. Can I stream games to multiple Steam Decks simultaneously?

Some streaming apps support streaming to multiple devices, including multiple Steam Decks. This allows for a shared gaming experience on multiple screens.

5. Do I need a powerful gaming PC to stream games to the Steam Deck?

While a more powerful gaming PC will provide better performance and graphical fidelity, you can still stream games from a less powerful PC as long as it meets the minimum requirements of the streaming app.

6. Can I use a controller instead of the Steam Deck’s built-in controls when streaming games?

Most streaming apps allow you to use controllers, including popular gamepads, when streaming games to the Steam Deck. This provides flexibility for those who prefer a different control scheme.

7. Are there any limitations on the availability of games for streaming on the Steam Deck?

The availability of games for streaming depends on various factors such as licensing agreements, DRM restrictions, and technical compatibility. Not all games may be available for streaming.

8. Can I play multiplayer games with others who are not using a Steam Deck?

Yes, streaming apps that support multiplayer functionality allow you to play with others who are using different devices, such as PCs, consoles, or even smartphones.

9. Are there any additional costs associated with using streaming apps on the Steam Deck?

While some streaming apps may require a subscription for access to certain features or game libraries, there are also free options available that provide a basic streaming experience.

10. Can I stream games to the Steam Deck from a Mac?

Yes, as long as the streaming app supports Mac, you can stream games from your Mac to the Steam Deck.

11. What is the minimum internet speed required for streaming games on the Steam Deck?

The recommended minimum internet speed for streaming games on the Steam Deck is 10 Mbps for a smooth and lag-free experience. However, a faster internet connection will provide better results.

12. Can I use streaming apps to play games offline on the Steam Deck?

No, streaming apps require a constant internet connection to stream games to the Steam Deck. Playing games offline is not possible with streaming apps.

13. Can I customize the streaming settings on the Steam Deck?

Depending on the streaming app, you may have options to adjust the streaming quality, resolution, and bitrate to optimize the experience based on your network conditions and preferences.


In conclusion, steam deck streaming apps open up a world of gaming possibilities for Steam Deck owners. With a wide range of apps available, you can stream games from various platforms and enjoy high-quality gaming on the go. While there are advantages and disadvantages to consider, the flexibility and convenience offered by these apps make them a compelling choice for gamers.

So, whether you want to play your favorite PC games, console exclusives, or even retro titles, give steam deck streaming apps a try and elevate your gaming experience to new heights!

Closing Statement

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. The availability and features of steam deck streaming apps may vary and are subject to change. Please refer to the respective app’s official website for the most up-to-date information.

Thank you for reading, and we hope this article has been informative and helpful in your understanding of steam deck streaming apps. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to reach out. Game on!

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