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Welcome to the World of Compact Computing

Hello everyone! Itโ€™s an exciting time for tech enthusiasts as the year 2017 brings us a whole new range of small laptops to explore. Whether youโ€™re a student, a professional on the go, or simply someone who values portability, these compact powerhouses are sure to catch your attention. In this article, we will dive deep into the world of small laptops and review seven of the top contenders in 2017. So without further ado, letโ€™s explore the advantages and disadvantages of these incredible gadgets.


Small laptops, also known as ultrabooks, are becoming increasingly popular due to their compact size and powerful performance. These sleek devices provide the perfect balance between portability and functionality, making them ideal companions for people on the move. In this section, letโ€™s delve into the key features and specifications that make small laptops an attractive choice.

1. Portability: ๐ŸŒŸ

2. Power-packed Performance: ๐Ÿ’ช

3. Enhanced Battery Life: ๐Ÿ”‹

4. Stylish and Sleek Design: ๐Ÿ’ผ

5. High-resolution Display: ๐Ÿ–ฅ๏ธ

6. Connectivity Options: ๐ŸŒ

7. Secure and Private: ๐Ÿ”’

Advantages of Small Laptops

1. Portability: Carry Your World with You

One of the biggest advantages of small laptops is their portability. These lightweight devices weigh around 2-3 pounds and can easily fit into your backpack or handbag. Whether youโ€™re a student rushing to classes or a business professional attending meetings, carrying your small laptop is a breeze. ๐ŸŒŸ

2. Power-packed Performance: Surpassing Expectations

Despite their size, small laptops donโ€™t compromise on performance. Equipped with the latest processors and sufficient RAM, they deliver a seamless computing experience. Multitasking, running resource-intensive software, or even editing multimedia files โ€“ these little powerhouses can handle it all. ๐Ÿ’ช

3. Enhanced Battery Life: Always Stay Connected

One of the common concerns with laptops is battery life. In this aspect, small laptops excel. With advancements in battery technology, these devices can easily last a full day on a single charge. Say goodbye to constantly searching for power outlets and stay connected wherever you go. ๐Ÿ”‹

4. Stylish and Sleek Design: Aesthetically Pleasing

Small laptops are not just functional; they also make a style statement. Manufactured with premium materials and sleek finishes, these devices are a treat for the eyes. Whether youโ€™re in a professional setting or a casual environment, your small laptop will turn heads. ๐Ÿ’ผ

5. High-resolution Display: Immersive Visual Experience

Despite their size, small laptops offer stunning displays. Most models come with high-resolution screens, delivering crisp and vibrant visuals. Whether youโ€™re binge-watching your favorite series or immersed in a gaming session, the visual experience on these laptops is unmatched. ๐Ÿ–ฅ๏ธ

6. Connectivity Options: Stay Connected, Always

Small laptops offer a wide range of connectivity options, ensuring you can easily connect to the world around you. With multiple USB ports, HDMI, and Thunderbolt compatibility, you can connect your laptop to external devices, monitors, and projectors without any hassle. ๐ŸŒ

7. Secure and Private: Protect Your Data

Your privacy and data security are of utmost importance. Small laptops come equipped with advanced security features like fingerprint sensors and secure boot options, keeping your personal and professional information safe. With built-in encryption and secure browsing options, you can browse the internet worry-free. ๐Ÿ”’

Disadvantages of Small Laptops

1. Limited Screen Size: Sacrificing Real Estate

The compact size of small laptops means sacrificing some screen real estate. While the high-resolution displays compensate to some extent, working on complex projects or multitasking may require an external monitor. ๐Ÿ’”

2. Limited Processing Power: Not Designed for Heavy Tasks

Although small laptops offer impressive performance, they are not designed for heavy computing tasks like video editing or running resource-intensive software. If youโ€™re a professional in need of extensive computing power, a more robust machine might be a better fit. ๐Ÿ’”

3. Limited Storage Space: Think Before You Install

Due to their compact design, small laptops usually have limited storage space. While most models come with solid-state drives (SSD), which enhance performance, their capacity may be limited. Itโ€™s essential to think about your storage needs before making a purchase. ๐Ÿ’”

4. Limited Connectivity Ports: Adaptability Concerns

Small laptops often sacrifice the number of connectivity ports to maintain their sleek design. While they typically offer a sufficient number of USB ports, you might need additional adapters or hubs to connect multiple devices simultaneously. ๐Ÿ’”

5. No Optical Drive: Say Goodbye to CDs and DVDs

With the trend towards digital media, optical drives have become less common. Most small laptops donโ€™t include an optical drive, which means youโ€™ll have to rely on external drives or digital downloads for software installation or media playback. ๐Ÿ’”

6. Smaller Keyboard: Typing Adjustments

Due to the compact size, small laptops often have smaller keyboards. This might require some adjustment if youโ€™re used to a standard-size keyboard. However, many models have well-designed keyboards that make typing comfortable and efficient. ๐Ÿ’”

7. Higher Price Range: Paying for Portability

Portability comes at a price. Small laptops, especially premium models, tend to be more expensive than their larger counterparts. If youโ€™re on a tight budget, you might have to compromise on some features or look for mid-range options. ๐Ÿ’”

A Complete Overview of Small Laptops Reviews 2017

Brand Model Screen Size Processor RAM Storage Price
Dell XPS 13 13.3 inches Intel Core i7 8GB 256GB SSD $1,299
Apple MacBook Air 13.3 inches Intel Core i5 8GB 128GB SSD $999
HP Spectre x360 13.3 inches Intel Core i7 16GB 512GB SSD $1,499
Asus VivoBook S 14 inches Intel Core i5 8GB 256GB SSD $699
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 14 inches Intel Core i7 16GB 512GB SSD $1,599
Acer Swift 7 13.3 inches Intel Core i5 8GB 256GB SSD $999
Microsoft Surface Laptop 13.5 inches Intel Core i5 8GB 256GB SSD $1,299

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are small laptops suitable for gaming?

๐Ÿ“‹ Small laptops are not primarily designed for gaming. While they can handle casual games, serious gamers would be better off with a dedicated gaming laptop. However, some premium models do offer decent gaming performance.

2. Can I upgrade the storage on a small laptop?

๐Ÿ“‹ Upgrading the storage on small laptops can be challenging as they often have limited internal space. However, some models provide options for external storage through USB or Thunderbolt ports.

3. Do small laptops have touchscreen displays?

๐Ÿ“‹ Many small laptops come with touchscreen displays, offering a more versatile and interactive experience. Touchscreens are particularly common in hybrid models that can be used as tablets as well.

4. Are small laptops suitable for programming?

๐Ÿ“‹ Small laptops can handle programming tasks with ease. However, if youโ€™re involved in heavy development work or require extensive virtualization, you might want to consider laptops with more powerful processors and additional RAM.

5. Can I connect my small laptop to an external monitor?

๐Ÿ“‹ Yes, most small laptops come equipped with HDMI ports or Thunderbolt connectivity, allowing you to connect to external monitors. This can significantly enhance your workspace and multitasking capabilities.

6. Are small laptops compatible with Windows and macOS?

๐Ÿ“‹ Small laptops are available with both Windows and macOS operating systems. Windows laptops offer a wider range of options, while macOS laptops are exclusively available from Apple.

7. Can small laptops handle video editing software?

๐Ÿ“‹ While small laptops can handle basic video editing tasks, advanced editing software might require more processing power and dedicated graphics cards. Professionals in the field may find larger laptops better suited for their needs.

Conclusion: Embrace the Power of Compact Computing

In conclusion, small laptops have revolutionized the world of computing. With their portability, power-packed performance, enhanced battery life, and stunning design, they offer a remarkable user experience. While they do have some limitations in terms of screen size and processing power, these devices continue to dominate the market, attracting users from all walks of life.

In 2017, the top contenders in the small laptop category include the Dell XPS 13, MacBook Air, HP Spectre x360, Asus VivoBook S, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, Acer Swift 7, and Microsoft Surface Laptop. All these models offer unique features and varying price points, giving you options to suit your requirements and budget.

So, whether youโ€™re a student, a professional, or someone who values the convenience of compact computing, consider investing in a small laptop. Embrace the power of technology in a portable package and experience a new level of productivity and freedom.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through small laptops reviews in 2017. We hope this article has been informative and helpful in your quest for the perfect compact computing device. Stay tuned for more exciting tech updates and happy computing!

Closing Statement: Stay Ahead with Small Laptops

Today, small laptops have emerged as game-changers in the tech industry. With advancements in compact computing technology, these devices are here to stay. While this article provides a comprehensive overview of the advantages, disadvantages, and reviews of small laptops in 2017, itโ€™s essential to conduct thorough research and consider your specific needs before making a purchase.

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and small laptops are at the forefront of this evolution. They offer a perfect blend of portability, performance, and style, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of users. Whether youโ€™re a student, a professional, or simply someone who appreciates the freedom of working on the go, small laptops have got you covered.

Remember, investing in a small laptop goes beyond just owning a device; itโ€™s an investment in your productivity, connectivity, and comfort. So, take your time, explore the available options, and choose a small laptop that aligns with your needs and preferences.

As technology continues to advance, small laptops will keep pushing boundaries and providing innovative solutions to suit our ever-changing lifestyles. Stay ahead in this digital era with a small laptop that fits in your bag, accompanies you on your adventures, and keeps you connected at all times.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on research and personal opinions. Prices and specifications may vary based on individual vendors and regions. It is recommended to verify details with the manufacturers before making a purchase.

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