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Greeting, dear readers! Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to the latest addition to the Inspiron family – the new Inspiron 15 touch laptop. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into its features, performance, and overall value. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at this impressive machine!


The new Inspiron 15 touch laptop is a powerful device designed for both work and play. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, it offers a unique blend of style and performance. Whether you are a student, a professional, or an avid gamer, this laptop promises to meet all your needs.

1. **Improved Performance**: One of the most notable features of the new Inspiron 15 touch laptop is its improved performance. Equipped with the latest Intel Core i7 processor, this machine delivers lightning-fast speed and seamless multitasking capabilities. 🚀

2. **Stunning Display**: The laptop boasts a vibrant 15.6-inch Full HD touch display, providing an immersive visual experience. Whether you are watching movies or working on graphic-intensive tasks, the clarity and sharpness of the screen is truly remarkable. 🌟

3. **Enhanced Graphics**: Gamers rejoice! The new Inspiron 15 touch laptop comes with a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, ensuring smooth gameplay and stunning visuals. From AAA titles to indie favorites, this laptop can handle them all. 🎮

4. **Versatile Connectivity**: With a range of connectivity options including USB, HDMI, and SD card slots, this laptop offers seamless connectivity with external devices. Whether you need to transfer files or connect to external displays, the Inspiron 15 touch laptop has got you covered. 🔌

5. **Ample Storage**: Running out of storage space will be a thing of the past with this laptop. It comes with a spacious 1TB solid-state drive, providing ample room for all your files, documents, photos, and videos. Say goodbye to the days of juggling between external hard drives! 💾

6. **Long-lasting Battery**: Worried about running out of battery during a presentation or a gaming session? The new Inspiron 15 touch laptop boasts an impressive battery life, ensuring that you stay productive and entertained throughout the day without needing frequent recharges. 🔋

7. **Intuitive Touchscreen**: The touchscreen functionality of this laptop adds a whole new dimension to your computing experience. From seamless navigation to interactive presentations, the touch-enabled display makes everything more convenient and enjoyable. ✋

Advantages of the New Inspiron 15 Touch Laptop

1. Improved Performance

When it comes to performance, the new Inspiron 15 touch laptop truly shines. The powerful Intel Core i7 processor ensures speedy performance, allowing you to breeze through your tasks with ease. Whether you are editing videos, running demanding software, or multitasking, this laptop can handle it all effortlessly.

2. Stunning Display

The 15.6-inch Full HD touch display is a visual treat, offering vibrant colors and crisp details. Whether you are watching movies, editing photos, or working on design projects, the display provides exceptional clarity and immersion. The touch functionality adds an extra layer of convenience, making interactions more intuitive and engaging.

3. Enhanced Graphics

If you are a gaming enthusiast, the new Inspiron 15 touch laptop will surely impress you. The dedicated NVIDIA GeForce graphics card ensures smooth gameplay and stunning visuals. Every frame is rendered with precision, bringing your favorite games to life. Whether you are playing AAA titles or exploring indie gems, the graphics performance of this laptop is top-notch.

4. Versatile Connectivity

The range of connectivity options offered by the Inspiron 15 touch laptop is truly impressive. The USB ports allow you to connect various devices such as external hard drives, smartphones, and peripherals. The HDMI port enables you to connect your laptop to a larger display, perfect for presentations or movie nights. The SD card slot makes it easy to transfer files from your camera or other devices.

5. Ample Storage

The 1TB solid-state drive provides ample storage space for all your files, documents, and media. You no longer need to worry about running out of space or carrying around external hard drives. The solid-state drive also ensures faster data access and improved system responsiveness, making your overall computing experience more enjoyable.

6. Long-lasting Battery

With its long-lasting battery life, the Inspiron 15 touch laptop keeps you productive and entertained throughout the day. Whether you are working on-the-go or enjoying your favorite movies during a long flight, you can rely on this laptop to deliver uninterrupted performance. Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent recharges and stay focused on what matters the most.

7. Intuitive Touchscreen

The touch-enabled display of the new Inspiron 15 laptop adds a whole new level of interactivity. From browsing the web to creating digital artwork, the touchscreen functionality allows for seamless navigation and effortless input. The touchscreen is highly responsive and precise, making it a joy to use for both work and play.

New Inspiron 15 Touch Laptop Review: Complete Specifications

Processor Intel Core i7
Display 15.6-inch Full HD touch
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce
Connectivity USB, HDMI, SD card slot
Storage 1TB solid-state drive
Battery Life Long-lasting
Touchscreen Yes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I upgrade the storage capacity of the Inspiron 15 touch laptop?

Yes, the storage capacity of the new Inspiron 15 touch laptop can be upgraded. It features a solid-state drive, which allows for easy upgrading to a larger capacity drive if needed.

2. Does the laptop come with pre-installed software?

The laptop comes with a selection of pre-installed software, including Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft Office suite (trial version), and Dell software utilities. Additional software can be installed according to your requirements.

3. Is the laptop suitable for gaming?

Absolutely! The Inspiron 15 touch laptop is equipped with a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, making it an excellent choice for gaming. You can enjoy smooth gameplay and stunning visuals with this laptop.

4. Can I use the laptop for graphic design work?

Yes, the laptop is well-suited for graphic design work. The combination of a high-resolution display, powerful processor, and dedicated graphics card ensures smooth performance and accurate color reproduction. It is ideal for tasks such as photo editing, digital artwork, and video editing.

5. What is the battery life of the Inspiron 15 touch laptop?

The battery life of the laptop varies depending on usage. However, on average, it can last up to 8 hours under normal usage conditions. This makes it ideal for working on-the-go or enjoying extended multimedia sessions without worrying about running out of battery.

6. Does the laptop support multitasking?

Yes, the new Inspiron 15 touch laptop supports multitasking. With its powerful processor and ample memory, you can run multiple applications simultaneously without experiencing any lag or slowdown.

7. Is the laptop lightweight and portable?

The Inspiron 15 touch laptop is designed to be lightweight and portable. It weighs approximately 4.4 pounds, making it easy to carry around wherever you go. The slim profile further enhances its portability, allowing it to slip into backpacks or laptop bags effortlessly.

8. Can I connect the laptop to an external monitor?

Yes, you can connect the laptop to an external monitor or display using the HDMI port. This allows you to enjoy content on a larger screen or set up a dual-monitor workspace for enhanced productivity.

9. Does the laptop have a backlit keyboard?

Yes, the Inspiron 15 touch laptop features a backlit keyboard. This makes typing in low-light conditions or dimly lit environments much easier and more convenient.

10. Is it easy to upgrade the RAM on this laptop?

Yes, upgrading the RAM on the Inspiron 15 touch laptop is relatively easy. It features accessible RAM slots, allowing for easy installation or upgrading of memory modules.

11. Does the laptop come with a warranty?

Yes, the laptop comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty. The duration of the warranty may vary depending on your location and the specific model purchased. It is recommended to check the warranty terms and conditions provided by Dell for more information.

12. Can I use a stylus with the touchscreen display?

Yes, the touchscreen display of the Inspiron 15 touch laptop is compatible with stylus input. This allows for more precise and natural writing or drawing experiences, making it an ideal choice for digital artists or note-takers.

13. Does the laptop include a DVD drive?

No, the new Inspiron 15 touch laptop does not include a built-in DVD drive. However, you can easily connect an external DVD drive via one of the USB ports if needed.


In conclusion, the new Inspiron 15 touch laptop is a fantastic choice for individuals seeking a versatile and powerful computing companion. With its improved performance, stunning display, enhanced graphics, and versatile connectivity options, it offers exceptional value for both work and play. Whether you are a professional, a student, or a gaming enthusiast, this laptop is sure to exceed your expectations.

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your laptop and experience the next level of productivity and entertainment. Don’t miss out on the incredible features and performance offered by the new Inspiron 15 touch laptop!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on the specifications and features available at the time of writing. For the most up-to-date and accurate information, we recommend visiting the official Dell website or contacting Dell customer support.

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